Monday, November 23, 2009

... putting the "random" back in random acts of kindness ...

I'm not sure that I'll ever forget yesterday morning.
Reversing out of my driveway to take the kids to church, I noticed a couple of girls in their 20s struggling with the front bumper bar of their car on the other side of our street. Somehow it had partly come adrift and they were attempting to remove it entirely so they could continue their journey.
As I drove alongside, I asked if they could use some help ... they were grateful for the offer, and continued to be very thankful as I blew the dust off my socket set (my tools don't get much action usually) and proceeded to detach the remaining part of the bumper, making it safe for them to drive.
During my a-typical display of mechanical prowess I discovered that the girls had been in an accident only moments before, and as I attempted to help them debrief it a bit, I heard that "this woman came out from nowhere and then accused me of running a red light". ... From there I heard some of the driver's life story, that nothing seems to go right for her, and that she needed to get to the other side of town to pick up her kids ...
I suggested that they may not make it that far seeing the car was losing fluid from the cooling system, but they were keen to get going, so I said I hoped things get better for them ... they thanked me again, and they were off (didn't think to get the number plate!).
There is a certain sense of satisfaction in helping someone out ... participating in the Kingdom of God ... being a "Good Samaritan" ... so, I couldn't help but tell my story to Dad in the church foyer when I got there a few minutes late - he had a weird look on his face when I told him, then asked: "What colour was the car?" ... he then explained that Mum had been hit by someone running a red light that morning, then drove off.
"No way ... wouldn't it be weird if it was the same people?" I said with a half-laugh.
Any doubt of this was removed after the church service when Mum showed me the colour of the paint on her car, and part of the other vehicle's bumper that she'd collected from the scene ... it was a match ... "No way!" ...
Yeah, I know ... so, these are the questions that keep bouncing around in my brain ...
  • ... would I have treated these girls any differently if I had known who they hit?
  • ... how would I have felt if Mum was hurt badly, or worse, and I helped the culprits get away?
  • ... if I was participating in God's Kingdom (and I thought I was!), what can I learn about His kingdom from this completely RANDOM set of events?

... any thoughts?