Monday, February 21, 2011


I'm sitting at the foot of the statue of Colonel William Light. I'm discovering more of who God is.

Tonight as I walked from Light Square to this place I looked for memories of Eden as I was asked to with the students we are leading through Immerse.

I especially noticed a young guy pulling an intense jump on his bike, a woman laughing on the phone as I crossed the River Torrens, people playing Tennis at Memorial Drive.

As I sit under the memorial of the man who designed the city of Adelaide - a city permanently surrounded by parklands - I discover a God who has woven into us the capacity for play.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

between the ads

I remember the day when commercial breaks were what happened between the "real shows" (at least I was naive enough to think that!)

The ads would come on, and you could afford to tune out for a while, and wait for your sitcom, soap opera, movie, or cartoon to return - pick up the story again, and carry you into the other world of mystery, suspense, tragedy or hilarity.

Sometimes I wonder if there's ever a story of substance between the ads.

I mean, it just seems like ad "breaks" are longer ... and, to be honest, sometimes the ads are more entertaining than the shows (I guess the money of marketing attracts better writers than all the ex-cops who write law enforcement dramas?).

And then, maybe, the commercial stations have reclaimed some talented writers through strategically placing products in their shows - cos that's where the money is. And for those who couldn't manage to lure creative talent back their way, well, at least they have reality TV to pay the bills.

I know it sounds cynical, but sometimes I wonder whether our lives don't reflect the same pattern. Depth, wonder, joy, love and story become crowded out by a non-stop barrage of shallow stories, repetitive jingles and ulterior motives.

A life truly lived is substituted for the sale of the product we hope to be projecting ... we think we're living a great story, but all we're doing is selling stuff.

Seriously, is there anything actually happening between the ads?