Trav is a husband to Pixi, and a Dad to four great boys – he likes green curry, a  good game of football, and listening to David Bowie.

He is passionate about seeing people experience God and become life-long followers of Jesus.

Since 2008 he has had a particular focus on facilitating opportunities for people to discover God for themselves through the Bible story.  After 12 years as a pastor in WA, Qld, and SA, then 5 as a missionary with Youth Ministries Australia, Trav founded the organisation AccessTheStory in 2014 as an initiative to see story-formed discipleship spread throughout Australia and beyond.

Since then, AccessTheStory has enjoyed providing group story experiences and equipping for leaders across four states in Australia, and has begun supporting some mission activity in the Philippines.  Trav leads AccessTheStory from a small chapel under the shadow of the bank of Happy Valley Reservoir.

“God’s story has far more capacity to bring transformation into our lives than any well-crafted modern story – because it is the greatest story of all time … this is a story to be experienced and embraced and retold. We have unprecedented access to the “screenplay of God’s story” … He is the greatest ever writer/producer/director, and He is intentionally including us in the ongoing retelling of His story, and mysteriously incorporating us into His plot as it continues to unfold.”


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