Tuesday, August 28, 2012

mission orientation

A way to help me understand  mission is to state it like this: "the discovery of the work of God in someone else's life."

 I'm learning the thrill and risk of orienting myself to discover this in places I havn't ventured before.

Yesterday saw me across the table from a ministry peer as we swapped notes on some of the pressures we're currently wading through.
Something on my list was an opportunity to serve a local school in a completely untested way. New material, new paradigm, and a yet to be recruited team for seven weeks of two three-hour blocks.  As I stare down the barrel, it all seems a bit hard.

His perspective was brutal.  "That sounds like mission to me, and if something needs to go, it can't be mission. You just need to do it."

So, here I am with a large margin of unknown, and a heap of potential for outright failure - leaning into faith and seeking to discover how God might work.  Simply needing to orient my priorities around mission.