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rejection on your resume

Earlier this month I spent a week with a team that were nothing short of inspirational.

The team at NCOH Youth are usually ignored, constantly pestered, regularly shouted at, and deeply loved by the young people they serve.

Over four days on camp with this little community, I marvelled at both the heartbreaking stories of the campers, and the determined resilience of the leaders.  Volunteer youth workers who sacrifice their time, resources, and often their dignity, for the sake of loving the kids of Daveron Park.

And the fruit looks different.  Incredibly, we saw young people pray for one another, one that I know of made a decision to follow Jesus, and another was given a Bible - but the most common fruit is seeing development of things like kindness, or community, or perseverance, or even the humility of asking for help - and all of these things happen in the context of the leaders being present with the kids.  That presence might look like turning up to the weekly drop-in centre a…

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