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how do I pass this on?

Last night I sat around the table with my cousin, his wife, and the spouse of another cousin.  A room full of about 50 extended family members, swapping stories, enjoying a drink or two, and consuming a good amount of wood-fired pizza.  It was the wake of my uncle Kelvin - he was a man of strong community influence and simple, yet deeply genuine, Christian faith.

The cafe on the Esplanade of Encounter Bay echoed with tales of legendary country cricket performances, non-stop laughter at family gatherings, and the inspiring partnership and commitment with his wife of nearly 50 years who died only 6 months earlier.  Conversations punctuated only by Helen's generous toasts - glasses raised high: "to Kelv!" - a burst of laughter, then the stories across the room reignited.  Tales growing taller as the night grew longer.

We don't see each other often anymore, but when we get together my mind and heart is filled with good memories, laughter, and a yearning for more times l…

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