Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Bible as a Screenplay - 6

THE PREMIERE A good movie has the potential to be a transformational experience. When a much anticipated release is premiered, people flock to the cinema not just to be entertained, but to enter into an experience, and to perhaps walk away having their view of the world and life changed. Story has always worked in this way - we love to be able to enter into another world, and more often than not, we come away from that world back into our own as changed human beings. God's story has far more capacity to bring transformation into our lives than any well-crafted modern story - because it is the greatest story of all time. Why then, do we persist in presenting the Bible as the manual for life? My contention is that it is far more than that - this is a story to be experienced and embraced and retold. We have unprecedented access to the "screenplay of God's story" ... He is the greatest ever writer/producer/director, and He is intentionally including us in the ongoing retelling of His story, and mysteriously incorporating us into His plot as it continues to unfold.