Thursday, September 23, 2010

ignatius @ interchange ...

... ok, ok, the Jesuit monk isn't actually coming to Interchange, but I'm hoping to pick up on a practice he instituted with his crew back in the 1500's.

As we work on the schedule for our time together (25-28 October), I'm wanting to build in some space where we intentionally listen for the voice of God in our own lives, and in the movement of YMA.

You can read up on the "Ignatian Examen" here ... maybe in the lead up to Interchange you can build this spiritual exercise into your routine as a way of preparing for what God wants to say to us in October :)

If you're wanting to know more about Interchange - jump on the rego page now ... it's not too late to sign up!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

interchange 2010...

Things are gearing for us to be hosting YMA's national conference - INTERCHANGE (25-28 October).

Peter Barney (pictured) from Scripture Union WA will be our keynote speaker on the topic "God's Story, Our Story" ...

When I asked him "what do you hope for as you share at INTERCHANGE 2010?" here's what he said:

"I am excited about the way Youth Ministries is seeing the narrative in the Bible give life to the Christian message. I hope that at INTERCHANGE we will learn a little more about the role narrative can play in peoples lives and see how this can equip us for the mission of introducing people to Jesus and his kingdom."

I'm pretty excited by who God is gathering for INTERCHANGE this year - it's shaping up to be a rich time in the journey of YMA.