No Compromise

The life story of Keith Green was a formative read for me in my early 20s.

His prophetic voice and artistry still bring an emotive response — my faith story is indelibly marked by the no-holds-barred perspective of many of his songs.

An unmistakable call for those who identify as followers of Jesus to awaken and orient themselves to a radical life of love.

Fresh off the movement of the Jesus people, Green not only bullhorns his way into the hearts of the late 70s/early 80s young adult generation, but mine too as I feast on his life story — an impulsive and imperfect pursuit of God — stirring in me a passion to serve in Christian ministry.  

No compromise.  The album cover burned in my memory - the Old Testament character refusing to bow before the king - worshipping only at the feet of the God of Israel.

My stand in my 20s was to resolutely choose a life sold out to serving Jesus.

I haven't looked back.

But I have looked around a few times.

While I have no regrets in the stand I took back then, I sometimes wonder about the stands we choose to take under the guise of  ‘No Compromise.’

We invoke the courage of Old Testament exiles in making our voice heard, but we don’t realize we’re not actually in the minority. 

We parade out the front with our guilt-laden message and inadvertently (or more truthfully, irresponsibly) pressure the next generation into voiceless submission.

We might do well to listen to those standing out in the crowd beneath our platforms. 

What are they standing for?

Why will they not compromise?


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