gideon and resigning ...

Today our senior pastor announced my resignation at our home church ... which was kind of big ... big not only because of how sad it is to not be as focused in ministry in the local church... big not only because of the opportunity we have to be involved with an organisation I love in the next season of our life (Youth Ministries Australia), but big because of what God's been teaching us in the process of decision-making.

Two things stand out ... 1. a greater understanding of God usually only comes in the context of sacrifice ... 2. God knows exactly what we need to hear when we need to hear it, and sometimes uses the most expected ways to say it.

1. Gideon's offering in Judges 6:19 blows me away ... living at a time when his enemies, the Midianites, controlled his fields and killed his stock - He offers what little food he has to God (the angel of the Lord) as an act of worship ... He gives up that which would most likely feed his family in obedience to God. Hearing of this recently and studying up on it helped put into perspective my decision to resign from my current role as a step of faith, obedience, worship - whatever you want to call it - has reminded me that the only way I can provide for my family is through God's hand anyway ... and if I want to come to a greater understanding of Him, then I need to be willing to sacrifice ... thanks Gideon.

2. The announcement of my resignation today prompted a lady in our church community to approach Pix and I after the meeting ... she was teary and pretty nervous ... saying, "I've never done this before, but I really believe that God wants me to tell you both that you've been faithful and successful with the young people here, and what you're about to enter into is going to be much bigger." It truly was a word from God ... partly because of the encouragement regarding what the future holds, but moreso because this lady was very clear on this being a message for both Pix and I ... and we're increasingly excited about serving young people together as a team. God knew we needed to hear that, and it came from someone who never would have expected she'd say that ... thanks God!

If you're reading this and wanting to know more about what we'll be entering into from now, check out and read up on "immerse".


Felicity said…
Wow, that's great you are venturing into Youth Ministries, it would be very sad for EBC though, I am sure you and your family are valued greatly...All the best for your next adventure!!
Love Felicity
Well, there you go(so to speak), I didn't see that coming. I want to wish you the best of Gods best in the new direction you're taking. Would love to hear more about what you're up to and look forward to hearing how things are going. Are you staying in Adelaide or moving? Do you need to raise support? What does your role involve? etc. I definitley think you have an awful lot to offer and YMA will be blessed to have you on board. God Bless, House

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