$50 in Ararat ... sept 08

There are times when "pure luck" is just never a good enough explanation for stuff that happens ...

Since we've made the decision as a family to change our means of income by gathering a team of financial partners/sponsors around us, we've been blown away by the response we've received and the stories that are gathering that point to a greater heart and mind who is orchestrating details in ways we never thought possible.

There's a community of Jesus' followers in Western Australia who don't know us at all, but have given a significant contribution ... there's a bunch of young people in Adelaide who ran an auction on our behalf raising another amount in the thousands ... there's a heap of friends in places like Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide - who have been incredibly enthusiastic in becoming partners with us in serving young people here in Australia ...

But when you find a $50 note sitting on the tarmac of a petrol station which you dropped 15 minutes before hand .. that's more than random as far as I'm concerned.

We are incredibly grateful to individuals and families who have "signed on" to partner with us as we journey towards financial viability in order to serve with Youth Ministries Australia ... but our gratefulness can never be limited to the generosity of those people. There is One who is far more generous than any of us can hope to be ... yet He chooses to use people like us to express His generosity ... and it's incredibly humbling to be the recipient of His generous heart.


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