imagine immerse ... 2009's coming

IMAGINE … a 17 year old student in Adelaide coming to his first ever Christian camp … a young man coming to a new understanding of brokenness and forgiveness … “I looked at the red paint on my hand, and a wave of guilt and sorrow washed over me. My hand was tainted. My hand was covered in blatantly obvious sin. It broke my heart. The next station was a tub of water, that we washed our hands in. it was an ordinary tub of water, and ordinary red paint, but I got it. I got it and it felt amazing. Jesus forgives sins. Like the water washing away the paint on my hand, the power of Jesus washed away my sin. I got it and it felt good. That night was the start of something amazing.”

IMAGINE … a 15 year old girl in Sydney, who, after being deeply impacted by God’s broken heart after sin entered creation in the story, shares with the rest of her youth group… “We’ve been learning how God continuously does things, because His intensity for us … the intensity and longing for us to get it right with Him. He keeps doing stuff like the flood and raising up Moses and Noah and all those sorts of people, and it’s still happening today. And I just really want to encourage you that you do have hope now (we’re allowed to have hope now!) … we have hope in God and His love is intense.”

IMAGINE … a shy 14 year old in Melbourne who had never been to any type of Christian event before … “the whole journey of Immerse was amazing. Thanks to you God is now officially apart of my life.”

IMAGINE … a new paradigm for a local church’s youth easter camp, for an inner-city church’s youth camp, for a denomination’s teen camp … where the students are invited to discover the whole story of God … in seven episodes … at their own pace … experientially ..

IMAGINE … God calling a family who have seen these students, are learning new ways to communicate God’s story, and are experiencing God’s provision to move them from fulltime local church youth ministry so they can devote their time to providing young people everywhere with the opportunity to engage with the whole story of God. … IMAGINE Travis & Pixi Johnson and their four boys, Thomas, Bradley, Jackson & Frederick.

IMAGINE … a team of people spending a weekend together in December 2008 imagining how they can plan and work and influence to see God bring more movement in the lives of young people throughout Australia and beyond … IMAGINE God gathering a core team to implement more of this ministry.



Jordan said…
Wow, that picture of your family freaks me out. You've all grown so much and when I saw that picture of Freddy I thought it was Jackson because I've never met Fred.

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