easter "fan mail" ...

EASTER this year saw me sharing with a bunch of young people and leaders at an easter camp from Baptist Churches in SA. It was "heaps good" to walk through God's story together ... I was amazed at the effort the camp's leadership team put in to not only make it a great experience for the campers, but in their intent of integrating the content I brought with the whole flow of their camp ... these guys were super-committed to seeing God work amongst the generation coming through - and from what I saw over the weekend, He's certainly doing that.
Something that was particularly encouraging for me was in my "fan mail". (everyone got fan mail in a paper bag stuck on a wall over the course of the camp - I wasn't the only one!)
Not only did I get a stack of shout outs from a number of the campers, and encouragement from some leaders who God spoke to over the weekend ... but God used one particular note to speak into my life personally ...
... it simply says: "thankyou for helping me realise things I needed to."
No flattery, no embellished praise, no sordid details - just honest acknowledgement that "things in my life weren't where they should have been, and now I want to see that change"
... I don't know the context from which the note was written, but I do know that a simple statement like this can fuel me in what I do for a very long time.
When all the hype of a camp is over, and the reality of living out grass-roots faith hits us the day after, my hope is that I can be a person who keeps "realising the things I need to."


Kylie said…
Amen. Thanks Trav.

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