Every year God gives me a word that helps me understand a theme for ministry. This year the word is 'exposure'... And I've been learning a lot in the last week through this word.

I began by thinking that the meaning of exposure was that my ministry would gain further exposure in different arenas...this might be true, but it's not the entire picture.

Here's what God has showed me in the last week:

1. HE is exposing ME to the work  He is doing.
... Last week I walked into a room full of parents and students celebrating the student's graduation of VETAMORPHUS as I was going to run part of immerse with some of them, and God revealed that exposure wasn't just about my ministry being seen, but me seeing what God's doing.

2. Exposure means that the WEAK parts will be seen too.
... I shared some of my thinking on Story-formed discipleship with a bunch of Baptist youth pastors on Thursday. And they fielded some great questions... Questions that exposed the weaker and half-baked parts of my thinking - and I came out hopeful that some of what I shared was helpful, but also feeling a bit battered from being "exposed".

Both of these lessons have been exceptionally humbling and helpful.


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