capturing imaginations

"As the sunlight dances on the floor ..." The sun had broken through after two days of overcast weather in our retreat centre in the mountains.  And it took the prayer of an insightful leader of chaplains to lift our mood from gloominess to expectancy - to open our eyes to the fact that the sun had burst through the clouds on that final morning. 

Sometimes I need someone to pray like that - to capture my imagination with a vision of the unseen.  

Leadership often calls us to be the imagination capturer.  To be the one who stands in the gap and helps others see the sun breaking through.  To draw others into a fresh picture of the God of the Universe, and provide space for God to reveal Himself in real and powerful ways.

The retreat I was a part of last week certainly did this for me.  An apparent random selection of leaders brought a kaleidoscope of perspectives - deepening my understanding of who God is and how He invites me to participate in His mission.

And now I'm back in my own sphere of influence, and I'm looking for opportunities to capture imaginations.


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