shiftm2M wrap-up

After a year of walking through the life of Jesus with other leaders over four retreats in a house in the blue mountains, I've been able to name three awesome outcomes.

1. Shiftm2M has given the YMA leadership team an excellent springboard to re-envision ourselves.  Thanks to shift we're in a great space for having some vision conversations with our networks in 2013.

2. I've regained confidence in the material.  After growing up on the material that Shift uses, I would say that I've become somewhat "overacquainted" with it, and have lived in the suspicion that it tends to reduce the life of Jesus to a formulaic process.  I'm glad to say that the manner in which Shift happens allows people to go deep into the gospels, while still providing practical tools for movement-building.

3. The relationships built over the year have been paramount to my development as a leader in 2012.  The insights, counsel, and practice of God's presence amongst others has been formative in my own journey.

These immediate observations are a drop in the bucket when I begin to think about all the observations and discoveries made, but I'm grateful for them none the less.


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