10 years ago today ...

The last few days I've been reading Bill Bright's biography, and as I was reading his acceptance speech of the Templeton award (and finding it incredibly inspiring) I was prompted to research the date of his departure from this life - today - 10 years ago.

One of the most compelling, yet little known discoveries from his story is the mention of Australia in his original vision that subsequently birthed Campus Crusade for Christ:

"The one specific thing Bill sensed he could "see" was a great spiritual movement emanating from Australia and spreading out across the globe." (p61 - Amazing Faith)

Since that time, Bright's work and legacy (through the power of God) has brought transformation to millions of people's lives, but interestingly the movement emanating from Australia has not been fulfilled ... yet.

So, here's a big thankyou to Bill Bright and to the God he served ... but here is also a wondering as to how God might fulfil the unfinished vision of a man that effected worldwide generational change.

"An unseen hand, whom I discovered has a name, became the driving force in my life - an inextinguishable fire in my bosom that will not go out, but just keeps burning and burning and burning all the more brightly - a spiritual flame that has started brushfires, then raging conflagrations all over the world." (p216 - Amazing Faith)


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