tackling patriarchs & cooking breakfast

 Launching something.

Vision.  Structure.  Team.  Stakeholders.  Finance.  Governance.  Promotion.  Website.  Events.  There's a lot to think about when you're launching something.  For me, over the last few months, it's been a new organisation ... and it's only now as I look back (and into the echoing cavern of the path before us) that I'm beginning to appreciate the magnitude of launching something.

This Saturday I'll be in Rotorua, NZ - presenting a talk around this topic - notsomuch as a lesson on how to launch something, but as a question:
"When you consider the lengths we go to in launching something, what can we notice about God's priorities in starting something new?"

There's much to learn from two signficant launch events in the story of God - that of Israel, and that of the church.  In one we see God throwing himself headlong into a scrap with Jacob, and the other we see Him serving breakfast to some of his closest friends - including Peter.  Both are about bringing change to the heart of a leader - one who needs breaking (Genesis 32), and another who needs restoring (John 21).
Whether He's tackling patriarchs or cooking breakfast - God's heart is to shape His people for His story.  In fact, He knows that His story will be told, not through the program called "Israel" or "the church", but through the transformation of His people who happen to be known as "Israel" or "the church".


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