a blank page

At our Verge experience we provide a journal to participants that is completely blank.

Now, we do prompt them with questions that they can write in it, but we began the camp today by drawing attention to the first page - asking them "what they noticed?" - and we had three responses: "it's blank"  "it's white"  "it's undamaged".

At our leaders debrief tonight we heard of one camper who had chosen to leave the first page of their journal blank as a reminder of the beginning of camp - starting on a fresh page.

I'm grateful for that.  A young person choosing to remember the importance of a fresh page.

I'm not very good at that.  Being able to leave a page blank is not my strength.  I carry this urge to fill it - fill it with my projections, my assumptions, and my answers to how I think God should be writing my story.

So, I'm choosing to remember the camper who chose to remember a blank page.  It might help me remember to resist the urge to hurry God into how I think He should be working.


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