bold thanksgiving

I'm pretty sure that Jesus' friends didn't see themselves as a catering service.

But there they were, wrestling with an outlandish measure of compassion - again.  The heart of God thrusts them into a scenario that dwarfs their own resource and capacity. And they let Him know.

"How much do we have left?"

Not, "how much do you think we need?" or, "Are you sure there's not a market nearby?".  He doesn't run a survey on the relentless deficit - He starts with what they have - what's in the asset column.

Once it's clear what is available to them, He goes public.  He shifts his attention from the 12 to the 4000 - instructs them to sit down, makes it obvious to the crowd how much he has, then He gives thanks for it.

Bold thanksgiving.

I don't know if Jesus knew how this vision of His would be resourced - but it seems pretty clear his first priority wasn't a needs-based assessment, or a fundraising strategy.  He asked what they had, drew attention to it, and then displayed observable and genuine thankfulness.

It's no small thing that the multiplication of the resource didn't take place until distribution started.

Everyone there knew that the only way this need could be met would be through God's provision.  Jesus had invited the entire hillside into faith.

In the context of being aligned with the heart of God I need to start with the asset column, throw myself into an unhindered thankfulness for what has been given, and step into 'distribution'.

It might be surprising what we're left with when everyone has been fed.

Mark 8:1-9


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