illusion of power

I think my head would have been spinning.

The deal had been done - payment was up for grabs in just a few hours - now to keep up appearances in the Upper Room.

Judas was passionate about seeing the Romans overthrown, and frustrated at the possibility of a missed opportunity.  Jesus seemed intent on speaking truth, but reluctant to take charge and make the changes that were so desperately needed.

So, this was him taking matters into in his own hands - whatever his motivations were, Judas was bringing things to a head - time for talking was over, revolution was nigh.

But no matter how you look at it - this was betrayal ... and somehow Jesus knew.

"Not all of you are clean."

Those words burned deep into his conscience as he endured the humble touch of this 'Messiah' washing his feet.

He dries his hands, "a servant is not greater than His Master."

Here was Judas' Master - the Master of all things - reminding him who was truly in charge.  Not the Romans, not the religious leaders who promised the 30 pieces, and not the Zealots.

The One who had been given all authority kneels before His betrayer and unravels any illusion of power by becoming a servant.

The One with authority is so secure in what has been given Him, that he has no reservation in lifting up those who have stooped the lowest.

John 13:1-16


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