where you stand

I have a good friend who is a storm chaser.  He's not a crazy (so he says), but he just loves watching the weather for storms. When the radar is right he jumps in his 4WD, camera in hand, and drives - sometimes hundreds of kilometres - to get close enough for the perfect shot.

Ask him if it's safe, and this is what he'll say:
"If you know where to stand, you can come very close to a big storm, enjoy it's majesty and still be safe. If you're in the wrong place it could kill you."

Our team reflected through Psalm 97 the other day where God is likened to a storm:

Clouds and deep darkness encircle Him;
    righteousness and justice are the bedrock of His rule.
Fire precedes Him;
    it burns away His opponents on all sides.
With His lightning flashing about, He illuminates the world;
    the earth watches and trembles ...

We usually don't like to think of God as dangerous, but it seems to me that He wouldn't be God if He wasn't.

"So, if a prerequisite for God to be God is that He's dangerous, then how can I expect to come close to Him?"

It's a good question.  You might say that it depends on where you stand.

Romans 5:11

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