24 years

Through 24 years of marriage to my beautiful wife I am learning that the intimacy we enjoy is a fruit of the choices we make.

Sure, things like 'chemistry' and 'attraction' and 'compatibility' have had a part to play, but these things have little to do with lasting companionship and intimacy.

When we've relied on chemistry and attraction to be the source of emotional and sexual intimacy, then we fall into a cycle of trying to impress one another - rather than truthful connection with each other.

We are super grateful to God that the union He has given us is resulting in the development of four young men, and our hope is that they too will experience the joy of intimacy through the choices they make.

We have found that we are immersed in a culture that screams the priority of 'who you find yourself attracted to' as the guarantee for relational fulfillment, but as I look at Gods Story, and as I reflect on my own experience - it seems that the fulfillment we seek will only emerge through sticking to the choices we make.

We choose each other every day (and we can't help but be attracted to each other!).


Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing Trav - you guys are an inspiration! Blessings on your next 24 years :-)
trav johnson said…
Thanks mate - bless ya!

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