"arrow" reflection

Last night I was given the brilliant opportunity to share some reflections on my experience of the Arrow Leadership Course I've been a part of this year.

Standing before 20 other peers in leadership was a little terrifying to be honest, but it was great to be able to share some of my experience:

Intensive One led me to a FOUNTAIN - Back in March we spent 4 days unpacking the ideas of INTEGRITY and SELF DECEPTION with a focus on our personal leadership.  I was drawn to the need for me to have my strength regularly refreshed in what God notices about me, and since then I've been practising the discipline of regular journaling through parts of the Scriptures.   This has proven to be a fountain of personal refreshment.

Intensive Two led me to RECEIVING - In June my cohort of leaders from faith-based organisations met in Geelong, and we faced the results from a 360 degree review.  Ten people we each worked with filled in a survey regarding our leadership behaviours ... I don't know what I was expecting, but the responses I received were super-affirming.  Interestingly I quickly slipped into "deflect" mode, and I knew I needed to allow myself to sit in the responses given, and receive the encouragement.  If others saw me in a positive light as a leader, then maybe I need to drop the false humility and let me see myself in the same way.

Intensive Three led me to the HORIZON - the focus of this last week on the Sunshine Coast has been around leading an organisation.  Amidst the 'information overload' (at least for me) on strategic planning and governance and risk management, there were some very helpful gems that apply to AccessTheStory.  More encouragingly, I found myself in the midst of other expert practitioners, and in the midst of some great conversations.  One of those had to do with 'strategic horizons', and as I considered the embryonic nature of my own organisation, I was challenged to consider what I need to do now that the next generation of leaders can steward the fruit of the investment being made now.  The Horizon might not be the only place for harvest, but I'm looking for who is around me now - who is being raised up for the harvest on the horizon?

One of the guys in my cohort prayed for me today, "That he might see an abundant fountain bubbling up now, and turning into a stream that flows out all the way to the horizon."

That's a pretty cool prayer.


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