rethinking mission

Over the last decade I've been struck by the content of Jesus' mission statement.

Captives set free.  Blind see.  Oppressed liberated.  Jubilee now.

There's no doubt His work culminated in the cross and resurrection - but what about all those free, wide-eyed, liberated, Jubilee revellers that spun around Jesus while He walked the earth?

I can't help but think about the people who's lives were transformed.

Jesus' mission had a manner that poured the blessing of God into people's lives.

His manner was His message.

We forget that.  We reduce making disciples to the conquest of 'getting someone across the line' - have we given no thought to the performance oriented environments we create?

Followers of Jesus are formed through the love they experience, not won through the cleverness of our rhetoric.

Luke 4:16-22


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