the story vacuum

It was a privilege today to be a part of Christian Schools Australia's state conference.  To see over 1000 teachers together brings me hope for the emerging generation - the passion of this tribe of educators was simply infectious.

One of the opportunities I had was to run a seminar and a workshop - both seemed to go well, but I was particularly interested in how people engaged in my seminar "The Story Vacuum."  There was a strong resonance with this idea that the emerging generation - while immersed in the language of story - are longing to experience a larger, truer story that cuts through their social media feed.
vacuum - A space totally devoid of matter.  The state or degree of exhaustion in such an enclosed space.  A space not filled or occupied.  In quantum mechanics, the state with the lowest possible energy.
Humans and animals exposed to vacuum will lose consciousness after a few seconds and die of hypoxia within minutes.
It was super-encouraging to explore how to facilitate learning spaces that re-fill the vacuum with the oxygen of the Story of God.


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