Baptist StoryTelling Workshop

Yesterday was a good day.

Andrew McDonough enthralled us with an exuberant campfire re-telling of Mark chapter 1, and Melinda Cousins ushered us into the heartbeat of God through the book of Amos.  We were surrounded, no, immersed, in God's longing for His people to turn from their rampant injustice.

As I stood up to invite the 50-strong crowd of spiritual story-ers into a rooftop perspective of a crippled man and his 4 friends - I had to pause.

Not only were we being entreated to a masterclass of story-telling, but God was there amongst us - inviting us into something beyond the practices and tips of telling good stories - inviting us into His heart, His view, His way of living.

So, before sharing my story, we needed to stop.  Stand.  Silence.  Speak with the One who authors us.

Yesterday was a significant step in my own learning of being a teller of God's Story - through the opportunity to listen, watch, and share; and through the conversation with so many passionate about seeing others captured by the heart of God.

My hope is that we will see much more of the likes of yesterday's experience.

There were a couple of people after a copy of the slides from my workshop - you can download them here :)


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