yesterday I worked

Yesterday I worked.

It was a public holiday in Australia.  But I worked anyway.

I guess it's my answer to the question: "What does respect look like?"

Like most Aussies I love an excuse for a day off.   Especially during summer.  

Beach.  BBQ.  You know the drill.

And how could you not be warmed by the beauty and benefit of our wide brown land?  

It's a privilege to be part of a nation like this - 2021's Australian of the Year awards are enough evidence for that.

But the celebration of Australia Day on a day that marks the failure to recognise more than 500 nations feels disrespectful to say the least.  

What if it were my people?

Yesterday I reflected on the grief experienced by the people of the First Nations.  

I wondered about the interactions my great-great-great Grandfather may have had with their ancestors when he stepped off the Tam-O-Shanter in 1836.  

I pondered how different our society and culture would be if the doctrine of 'terra nullius' wasn't popularised in Australian colonial history.

I also minimised my exposure to social media outrage.

Then I brimmed with pride when my 18 year old son - placard in hand - joined the Invasion Day rally in our city.

And rather than taking the day off, I worked.  

I know, it's not much.  

But my faith compels me to be asking the question: "What does respect look like?"


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