do you guy’s have a sale on?


Today marks the end of an era.

Never again will my eldest son need to make up a witty response to a customer’s lame attempt at humour: ‘do you guys have a sale on?’ (Referring to the over-the-top store merchandising that EB Games are renowned for).

It was just over 10 years ago, that the Marion store manager flipped a coin on two resumes brought in by hopeful teenagers. It landed on Tom.

In spite of my wise counsel to not put his eggs in one basket when it came to finding a part-time job, as a 16 year old Tom was able to say, ‘I told you so’ and he hasn’t looked back.

The last decade has seen him become an assistant manager, a husband, a father, a masters graduate, and now a full time counselor at a local senior high school. All the while EB games has been a constant in the background — until today.

It’s a joy to see all four of my children navigate life in ways that exceed that which I’ve anticipated.  Today is a symbolic marker of that for Tom.

Tom, I can see that your joy, perseverance, wisdom, and compassion have been infectious among your team-mates, and the respect you are shown today is a true reflection of that.

Proud of you.


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