the drive to mt barker

I remember the first time I drove up the South Eastern Freeway in my LC Torana.  1988.  Two days after Christmas.  Windows down.  Burning in the hot Australian sun.

On my way to Mt Barker.  On my way to CE camp.

CE camp in South Australia carries an 85 year heritage - filled with camp traditions like the camp cop, city vs country softball, a cheesy song sung at mealtimes, and many stories of life transformation.

Today I took the same journey up the freeway - 24 years on - in my green Hyundai Lantra - with airconditioning.  And as I wound through the Adelaide Hills, the memories flooded in - at camp I met so many people, made such a fool of myself at mealtime skits, experienced the presence of God in powerful ways.

Today's drive was certainly nostalgic, but also a little unnerving as I pondered my role as camp speaker.  Wondering if the role I play might be used of God in the same way that He's used others in my life.

My hope for this week is that as we meander through the story of God, each participant will experience a moment of transformation - maybe even more than one.  My hope for this week is that my hope for this week might be true for me as well.


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