the mind of Christ

What difference would it make in our world if the thinking of Jesus held sway?

It might be in the midst of an impossible moral complexity, or a corrupt system of power - something that amplifies the human ache for things to be made right.

What would it look like for the thoughts and activity of Jesus to penetrate the complexity and corruption of our daily experience?

It would look like the fruit of people who are yielded to the life that God promises.

1 Corinthians 2:16 - for the Scripture asks, “Does anyone know the mind of the Lord well enough to become His advisor?” But we do possess the mind of the Anointed One.

In the midst of the Corinthian mindset of "possessing higher knowledge" and rampant competition and celebrityism among each other, Paul unravels their sense of self-importance with the statement: "we possess the mind of the Anointed One."

That's quite a statement - Paul discounts our ability for us to ever know God's thoughts, then He asserts that as followers of Jesus, we can "have the mind" of this same God.

Moral complexity and corrupted systems are no match for a people who have recognised who they belong to.  Human pain and confusion can find resolve and peace through the wonder, clarity, and compassion found in the mind of Christ.

The way of His thinking is available to us - albeit mysteriously - through the Person described in the Bible story as the 'Spirit'.

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