why should I study?

I've been pondering further study, and the largest question I'm wrestling through is 'why?'

I have a Bachelor of Ministries awarded by the now-non-existent Adelaide College of Ministries.

It took me three years of full time study to complete their Advanced Diploma in 1996.  In truth, the volume of work and rigour probably exceeded a degree level award, but the college received its accreditation during my time there, and upon my graduation I was granted the Advanced Diploma with an option to upgrade it to a Bachelor of Ministry with a schedule of intensives and assessments. 

I thought: 'why not?' and began with a flurry at the turn of the century, then completed it about 15 years later - just before the college closed.

So, the award side of things has never really inspired me, but I don't mind learning ... and the discipline of a structured environment will probably enrich my learning experience, though I have a tendency to view it as a necessary evil.

So, that leaves with me with the motive of studying for the purpose of improving my value on an employment front - although the freelance nature of my employment isn't dependent upon that value - more on the value-add to those receiving from the work I do (and the inspiration and envisioning of those who donate toward the work).

Added to the mix are my own questions (and cynicism!) regarding the overemphasis we tend to place on the letters behind our names.

So, I'm a little confused, why should I jump into further study?

If its to add value to my credibility and employability, then I might explore something in the Education sector - but that doesn't interest me as much as Theology and Sociology.

If it's to extend learning in the areas of my interest, then that promises to be more fulfilling - but in what way will that bring value to others? (Including my income-earning capacity for my family!)

I'm getting the sense that the best value will come for others if I invest in something that matches my passion, but the risk of irrelevance in the marketplace is playing on my mind.


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