capacity recalibration

 "I'm still trying to figure out what my capacity is."

Over the last three Sundays four families have been meeting as church, and exploring the possibility of a more permanent expression from the community engagement of Junktion (our op-shop cafe).

Yesterday we asked the question: "What's next?"

After some discussion we agreed to meet again next week for a planning session of the next couple of months - ideas around a team project, meeting time, and some teaching content were all floated in the conversation.  One thing that resonated for all of us though was around the question of our capacity.

After the disruption of 2020, all of us were confronted with the reality that we were involved in too much that wasn't accomplishing enough.

The need to be needed outweighed the opportunity to evaluate the fruit being produced from our efforts.  But covid pulled the plug on the treadmill.

So, in the midst of exploring this new venture, we find ourselves in the process of recalibration - trying to figure out what our capacity looks like in a new season.

Desiring to be a part of something that's meaningful and enduring, but cautious and hesitant about committing.  Not from the fear of commitment, but out of a sense of taking responsibility with the time and resources that we've been granted.  

Genuinely re-discovering what our capacity looks like.

My sense is that this question is more prevalent than what we first might realise.  In the rush of vaccine roll-out and the cycle of newsworthy outrage, is it possible that all of us are wrestling with a deep recalibration?

"I'm still trying to figure out what my capacity is."

Two things that are helping me process this:

1. It's ok to let the recalibration happen.  Caution to commit does not necessarily reflect a spirit of unwillingness.

2. Move forward in short bursts.  I used to think in terms of a calendar year with my visions and plans.  Last year it was reduced to week-by-week.  This year it's still been week-by-week, but with an eye on one month in February.  Now I'm turning my attention to two months with a week-by-week filter.

Hopefully this will help me in my recalibration. 


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