Lifting my eyes further, feeling my way forward


A few weeks ago I recognised the need (and health) to plan in 'short bursts'.  The consequence of 2020 has been to live with a certain amount of uncertainty when planning ahead.  

What started out as traumatic and frustrating, then morphed into a survival instinct, is now becoming a mindset -- a cadence that requires discipline to remain open-handed and open-hearted with projections and pathways.  

An approach that still values the casting of vision, but in such a way that has heightened my awareness of my own need to trust.

This cadence of short bursts has felt pretty bumpy to begin with, but after last week it settled into a smoother ride.  Last week I spent a couple of days lifting my eyes.

I asked myself the question, "What will my contribution have effected in 10 years time?"  

Until now a ten year projection has felt ludicrous -- and in a Covid-effected culture it appears a little non-sensical -- at first.

After overcoming the initial discomfort, I named my age in a decade, the age of my contemporaries, and family members.  I reminded myself of what I'm passionate about, and the sense of purpose I believe God has placed on my life.  I even began to consider the number of people who might be positively influenced through my contribution.

It was actually pretty exciting -- to give myself permission to dream.  

I can't tell you what the next 6 months, 12 months, 2 years might look like; but as I consider the possibility of a longer term investment (5 years, 10 years), the small steps I'm taking right now take on a richer meaning.

As I feel (inch!) my way forward it doesn't hurt to lift my eyes a little further once in a while.


Eckers said…
Oh my named the age of your contemporaries in 10 years time-yikes!! LOL!!

Psalm 121
trav johnson said…
In the secret of my private study 😉

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