how far was the journey?

Yesterday was "Palm Sunday".

We told the story of Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem to the 5 kids in our little church gathering.

We used a 'story mat'.

As the story unfolded we added items to the mat.  A cartoon picture of Jerusalem on one end, then the village of Bethphage at the other end.

A picture of a crowd following Jesus, then the disciples following Jesus' instructions to collect a donkey.

A picture of a donkey, then a crown as Jesus' followers and the crowd go ahead announcing the coming of “King Jesus".

A shout of "Hosanna".  

"Save us."

A cloak laid down on the path, then a branch representing a palm leaf.

Then a line of rocks to indicate the donkey's journey to Jerusalem with Jesus astride this humble means of transport.

A king coming to bring peace.

"How far was the journey?" 

The question seemed like a simple one.

"About two kilometres - about as far away as your house from here."  

"Can you imagine that?" One of the parents chimed in, "How long would that take you?"

But my mind got stuck on the question: "How far was the journey?"

From Bethphage to Jerusalem.

From shouting in the streets to whispers in dark rooms.

From exuberant expectation to suspicion & scheming.

From the focus of a triumphal entry to the subject of a wicked collaboration.

"How far was the journey?"

Far more than just two kilometres, it seems.


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