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This part of the story is when the ball begins to curve - we never saw it coming - we weren't to know that my questions we're bringing us to a point of stepping away from Campus Crusade for Christ Australia, and birthing something new.

My next question to wrestle with was: "Am I in the right place?" If God's calling on our lives was to see change in how the Australian church understands and proclaims the gospel, then it was right to query the context in which we were serving.

At the same time I was wrestling with this question, CCCA announced a transition of National Director, and after a series of events and conversations I found myself in Melbourne enjoying a Yiros ('kebab' for non-South Australians) with my new boss, Allan.

So I popped the question, “am I in the right place?"

After asking me what I meant, I explained to Allan the journey of the few months prior, and suggested that my personal calling might complement the focus of CCCA, but may not be aligned with the stated organisational objectives.

We talked further - it was a long lunch - then we eventually came to a point where he agreed with my assessment of the situation.

I didn't want to be hasty, but for the benefit of all parties involved, we needed to be decisive, so Pixi and I resigned from CCCA, and therefore YMA - giving 4 months notice.

Not an easy decision - but as we begin to reflect, it was the right one ... and Allan and others have been incredibly supportive as we navigated the pathway of finishing well.

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