Clarity comes through a curveball ...

Every year, Pixi and I have a theme that shapes our thinking for serving in God's work - our theme for 2013 was CLARITY. As we look back, clarity never really came until the last minute with the decision to step out and initiate the birth of an organisation around Story-Formed Discipleship.

"Are you guys out of your minds?!”

No-one has asked us that point blank, but we've asked that of ourselves ... And we'd probably think that if friends of ours said that God was calling them to birth a brand new mission organisation.

So, this series of posts is an opportunity for you to decide whether or not there's a sheep loose in the top paddock, as we see AccessTheStory become a not-for-profit organisation.

Our hope is to answer the questions we would ask of friends of ours if they were doing the same things as us!

Stay tuned for the next few days as we tell the story of the last few months ...

(More to follow)


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